mercoledì 2 novembre 2022

Flat Car H0e- 3D printed

A small painted and weathering service trolley.

The base is a 3D printed resin trolley.

I applied the primer to the trolley and then the color red leather for the frame and sand for the flat.

After a coat of semigloss lacquer a thin layer of chipping fluid was applied. After that a coat of acrylic Neutral Gray Tamiya.
A few minutes after applying the Neutral Gray, chipping was carried out with a flat brush and hot water.
To protect the chipping work, a coat of glossy lacquer was applied.
With light gray I emphasized the paint scrapings and the protuberances of the trolley, like a dry brush effect but focused on some parts.
After making the texture of the wood on the sand color with various shades of brown, a dark brown enamel filter was added and the whole was sealed with the transparent satin lacquer.


domenica 4 settembre 2022

Tipper Car H0e - 3D print

For now it's only a test, but it could be interesting to produce it in series.
The material used for 3D printing is a type of resin with the properties of ABS plastic. This material guarantees good resistance.


mercoledì 9 febbraio 2022

"Basetta" - Small base for small narrow gauge loco!

100 yen pictures frame base and recycled material.

Base ground made with putty.



Painting and dry-brushing.

Fake grass.

Color retouching of fake grass with airbrush.

The end!


venerdì 17 dicembre 2021

Freelance Tramway Locomotive Tubize - H0e

Here are some photos of the prototype of the new "Tubize" locomotive, freelance version.

This model is designed for Tomytec TM-TR07 motorization.

The locomotive is available in the Jellymodels store on Shapeways.


mercoledì 24 novembre 2021

Hakone Ropeway Diorama

Some images from the Hakone caldera and the museum where there is a diorama of the ropeway that leads to it for which I collaborated.

Hakone is a town in Japan located in the beautiful mountainous area in the Ashigarashimo district. It's a famous tourist destination due to the numerous onsen, nature and the beautiful views of Fuji.

It is part of the Kanagawa prefecture.


giovedì 18 novembre 2021

Cafe 107 in Hakone

If you are near Hakone and Odawara take a break and visit The Caffe 107 for drink a coffee and eat the delicious Hakone Tozan Cake.
The cafe is named from the MOHA 107 railcar which was active until 2019 and ever since and is open to visitors to Cafe 107.

The Hakone Tozan Railway has been in operation since 1919 in the mountains of Hakone area. This particular railcar with serial number 107 is the first ever train. It was originally built of wood in 1919 and was converted to steel thirty years later in 1950.


martedì 9 novembre 2021

Climax Vertical Boiler - H0e/H0n30 kit

New JellyModels kit!

This freelance Climax locomotive kit is fully 3D printed,

with parts printed in ABS-like resin for the larger pieces and in high definition for the details.

The model is designed for use the Kato 11-105/11-106 /11-107 power unit.

"A Climax locomotive is a type of geared steam locomotive in which the two steam cylinders are attached to a transmission located under the center of the boiler. This transmits power to driveshafts running to the front and rear trucks." (Wikipedia)

Buy Climax vertical body H0e-H0n30-kit here