lunedì 17 novembre 2014

JellyModels website is On-Line!!!

JellyModels is the name of a project started by Luigi Nicotera some time ago. It took a while, but the encounter of skills and creativity with the tools of digital fabrication eventually made this project a reality.

The idea is to reproduce those models usually not considered by the big manufacturers or even by artisanal modelers. The use of new manufacturing technologies - the digital fabrication - releases time and resources for the research and design of always new models. In addition, this adapts really well to products customization: if a modeler requests a specific product, JellyModels can make his research, collect information, design the 3D model, print it out, colour it and refine it and then ship it directly to the modeler.
JellyModels is currently focused on railways models. This does not mean that other ideas and products cannot be taken into consideration and realized in the future.
JellyModels can already operate and sell his products as a maker to satisfy the early requests of the modelers. Even if JellyModels today is just a project at its beginning, it will become soon a startup ready to implement its business plan.

JellyModels contacts are:
Twitter: @JellyModels