domenica 18 giugno 2017

VDump Car Painting&Weathering Recap- 0n18 (1/48)

This is the 3D printed prototype of the Vdump car of JellyModels:

After spraying Tamiya primer, I painted it with rust tones:

After paint drying I sprayed the model with AK Heavy Chipping liquid:

On AK chipping liquid layer I painted the surface with acrylic black:

Once the color is dry, with a brush and water I scraped the black color:

I finished everything with Vallejo acrylics (rust tones) and various filters and pigments:

You can watch the entire work on Youtube:


Thank you! 
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martedì 13 giugno 2017

Jellymodels Tram-Lok H0e kit- Painting

After the survey I had made on Twitter I chose the black and green livery for the loco . The model is painted by airbrush with Tamiya and Gunze acrylic colors while couplers, headlights and the bell are painted with Vallejo acrylic colors.

To highlight the green color of the livery, I gave a bright green background to the cabin:


The tiny H0e "Tram-Lok" kit is for sale here!

domenica 11 giugno 2017

Freelance Diesel Shunter-assembly

Live streaming on Youtube of the Freelance Diesel Shunter assembly:

Part 1:


Part 2:

sabato 10 giugno 2017

Tram upgrade - Study of Accumulator Railcar

Study of a new upgrade for freelance draisinaaccumulator passenger railcar.

Underframe prototypes:

Jellymodels Tram-Lok H0e kit- Assembly

New tramway locomotive by jellymodels!

The model is a resin kit and must be completed with  Tomytech-Hakotetsu motorization.
The kit can be found for sale here!

The parts must be separated carefully from the casting sprues.

Make boiler plate thinner in order to fit better in the cab:

By Tamiya putty you can remove any holes or irregularities during assembly.

Mounting details, spray a fine coat of primer.

Next time.... painting!
Stay tuned!