lunedì 20 luglio 2015

mercoledì 1 luglio 2015

Type "Valente" mine locomotive - Prototype H0e

Another diesel mine locomotive, short shape, this time inspired by the type of the Italian company "Valente".

From the first printout to the finished prototype!

For this prototype I used the Form1 + printer (SLA technology), even if, due to the worn out resin tank, the result of the printing was not the best.
Let me explain: This basin, which contains the resin and has a special bottom for the deposit of resin layers, must be replaced from time to time (and it's a lot of money!). Sometimes you can print the equivalent of a couple of liters of resin... sometimes ifare lucky if you can print a liter! The resin tank life depends on many factors... but this is not the moment to talk about thisissue, maybe I'll write a specific post in the future!

Let's go back to the locomotive!

Fully equipped with files, knives and chisels (not forgetting the inevitable Tamiya Putty (Basic Type) ) I can remove some printing imperfection (damn resin tank!).

After a few layers of white Surface Primer , I switch to colouring.
I usually use airbrushed Tamiya or Mr.Hobby acrylics, but...honestly, being such a minimal model, maybe it would be easier touse spray the end if you use them properly they give excellent results!
Anyway, let's go forward!

Unfortunately, the original locomotive does not have a thrilling colour...all white! If it were not for the part of the hubs it would seem a locomotive in military winter camouflage! ( could be an idea!).

Of course for the livery you are free to choose the one of your mining company, real or invented! *

For the motorization I choseed the classic and economical "Kato 11-103  " designed for scale N.

In this image a comparison between the two  mine locomotive prototypes that I made: on the left the freelance one (a little bit' "old school") and on the right the modern "Valente".
Now what is missing are only a cart and a nice diorama!

Below the link to "old school" mine locomotive:

* (It may sound silly but someone has already asked if you can make it with a different livery...Certainly YES! Who's stoppingyou?)