sabato 28 ottobre 2017

News on JellyModels Shop: Welcome NARROW GARAGE Kit

We are happy to introduce these fantastic model kits from Japanese manufacturer Narrow Garage

Nissha type railcar

Kubiki Railway HOJI type

Nissha type Railcar Fence type

Brookville diesel locomotive

come visit our web site to find out more models kits!!

lunedì 16 ottobre 2017

sabato 22 luglio 2017

O&K Passenger Car H0e Prototype Assembly

All parts are print with Formlabs Form2 3Dprinter!

Harbor Layout Part2- Bricks Piers Painting

I painted the bricks with different tones. I did it to differentiate the tone of each brick (as in reality).

I darkened the edges of the bricks with Tamiya black.

Finally I painted the walls with airbrush and Tamiya colors
, recreating aging and dirt on the wall.