domenica 31 maggio 2015

Narrow Gauge Snowplough... 3Dprinted! Part1

The snowplough is based on a model operating on narrow gauge railway Calabro-Lucane (southern Italy)
The model is predisposed for the use Bemo-H0m/H0e gauge axes.

Questo spazzaneve si basa su una versione che operava sulle ferrovie a scartamento ridotto FCL (Calabro-Lucane)

Il modello è predisposto per l'utilizzo degli assali Bemo-H0m / H0e.

 Model for sale soon on:
Shapeways shop 

3 commenti:

  1. Very nice. What brand of printer do you have?

  2. For prototyping use a Form1+, uses stereolithography technology. Good compromise quality / price!

  3. you can view the printer here: