lunedì 2 novembre 2020

How I made a small&simple exhibition diorama!

(! work made a couple of years ago!)
The diorama includes 2 semi-abandoned sidings, one with a standard gauge (16.5) which slightly diagonally follows the rectangular base and another with narrow gauge (9 mm) raised about a couple of cm.
The retaining wall is made of foam and resin blocks.

The mixture to create the ground is made with very fine gravel and Aguaplast stucco mixed with acrylic colors Life Color dark green and dark brown.

Using the airbrush I gave the ground three-dimensionality by lightening some areas using the tamiya Red Brown and Nato Brown colors. After that, again with an airbrush, I moved on to give a base with various shades of green on the parts on which the vegetation will be positioned and creating the basis for the moss on the wall.

The last passage is dedicated to vegetation. With patience, using vinyl glue in various dilutions, the synthetic grass of various lengths and the rest of the vegetation are positioned.
The hay in the background is made with brush bristles whose base has been colored in green with an airbrush.

The bumper positioned at the end of the narrow gauge section (unfortunately I no longer have close-up photos) was made with balsa wood and painted with oil color.

The wall was airbrushed with Tamiya acrylics color. After which a dry brush was done with lighter tones with enamel, always Tamiya.

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