mercoledì 2 novembre 2022

Flat Car H0e- 3D printed

A small painted and weathering service trolley.

The base is a 3D printed resin trolley.

I applied the primer to the trolley and then the color red leather for the frame and sand for the flat.

After a coat of semigloss lacquer a thin layer of chipping fluid was applied. After that a coat of acrylic Neutral Gray Tamiya.
A few minutes after applying the Neutral Gray, chipping was carried out with a flat brush and hot water.
To protect the chipping work, a coat of glossy lacquer was applied.
With light gray I emphasized the paint scrapings and the protuberances of the trolley, like a dry brush effect but focused on some parts.
After making the texture of the wood on the sand color with various shades of brown, a dark brown enamel filter was added and the whole was sealed with the transparent satin lacquer.


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